Discovery 3D Screensaver

Discovery 3D Screensaver

Discovery 3D Screensaver brings the mystery of the middle Age to your desktop
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Do you remember Galileo? And Plato?
Don’t you wish many of those famous scientists and artists were alive today?
Imagine the millions of things they would be discovering using all the modern technology and knowledge.

Discovery 3D Screensaver brings the mystery of the middle Age to your desktop.

This unique screensaver will immerse you in a world of mystery and fantasy.
You will be transported to a very small room, who knows exactly where.
But it is not a regular room, as we know them today.
It is like in a cellar, poorly lit, using only some candles to illuminate the place.
Who can live here?
This is not a place for a “common” person.
The person that inhabits this room is surrounded by tools, books, and many different things that only those that are into real studying of things can understand.

There is a rotating globe, next to the candles.
The desk of this person is very old, with no ornaments or anything.
You can tell he uses it for what it is meant.
To put your books and stuff. To study. To find out about things.

Discovery 3D Screensaver includes a feature that I had only seen a couple of times before.
As the camera moves around the room inspecting every corner, it will arrive to the desk.
On the desk there is an old pocket watch and a picture frame.
Well, if you look closer, you will see that the time shown in the clock is the real time! And more. You can display your favorite picture in the frame!
Try it, it’s fun.
You will surely enjoy the mystery and the reality of this screensaver.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very mysterious feeling
  • The feature of the clock and the picture frame are awesome


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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